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Concert Ukulele Kit

Ukuleles are universally popular right now. They make a great place to start if you’ve never built an instrument and are looking for that first project. This kit is fabulously priced, simple and easy to build and is lots of fun to play.


In recent years, the concert ukulele has appealed to a lot of fans for its rounder and more melodic tone. In addition, many people find the concert size more comfortable to play than the smaller soprano. The concert ukulele was designed to be slightly bigger than a soprano ukulele. The bigger body produces a louder volume when playing and the longer fretboard means a wider range of notes to play. The concert ukulele tuning is tuned to GCEA just like the soprano and tenor ukuleles.


There are many reasons why solid Mahogany has been a prized timber for instruments for decades. Mahogany is known for its easy sanding and machining, with a beautiful balance of density that’s just hard enough but not too hard.

This kit contains:
  • Solid mahogany top
  • Laminated mahogany back
  • Laminated mahogany sides
  • Fully shaped mahogany neck with two dowel pins for neck joint
  • Walnut fretboard, slotted and inlaid with position markers
  • Tuners with mounting hardware
  • Shaped string nut
  • Carved, drilled walnut bridge
  • Shaped saddle
  • Plastic dowel for making side dots
  • Fret-wire
  • Spruce braces, quartersawn and carved for top and back
  • Two spruce soundhole braces
  • Bridge plate
  • Strings
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